Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reprofinance, Proven Paying HYIP

What is HYIP? HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program and is a way for people to invest money into high yield, high risk markets who couldn't normally do so on their own, usually because they lack the initial investment funds. A HYIP pools money from investors together and uses the funds to invest in these markets; investors receive a portion of the return on their investments over a pre-designated amount of time. Most HYIPs pay interest daily, weekly, or monthly over the Internet. While some HYIPs are valid investment tools, a majority are actually one form of a ponzi scheme. (wiseGEEK.com)

One of a valid investment tool HYIP is RePro Finance. It's recomended by almost all of HYIP Monitoring sites. I personally have proven that RePro Finance is a legit HYIP Site. Here a my first payment.

So, if you looking for trusted and legit HYIP, don't missed to join RePro Finance.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Matrixmails Payment Proof #14

Matrixmails, again, give us proof as a paying site, on their 10 years old. Only a few site can get this achievement. So, when matrixmails admin launch new ptc site called PTCBox, he received a good appreciation.

Today i receive 14th payment from matrixmails, instantly via alertpay. Here is the proof.

Buxe.co Review, New PTC Evolution Script

Actually i've tired of being scammed by much ptc site recently, but the release of new ptc from matrixmails admin wake me up that there are some new ptc's worth it to follow. One of them was Buxe.co. Here is a short review about buxe.co.

What they promise to members?

Earn $100 - $1000 monthly by Clicking ads and Signup for others sites. Refer or Buy referrals to maximize your earnings. Let's see, Why BuxE.Co?.

  • Decent Referral limits & Active Referral market
  • Guarnteed Earnings & Solid profit
  • Stable Business Model for longevity
  • $4.45 Fixed & Instant* cashout for members.
  • Upgrade opportunities for higher earnings

What they promise to advertisers?

Promote your product or business in the right way with a satisfaction guaranteed results for low prices. We are offering various type of ads such as PTC ads, PTSU.

  • Guarnteed results for Low prices.
  • Detailed ad statstics
  • Special Ad packages with discounts
  • Only Real Human visitors , No Bots
  • Custom Ad Packages for New PTC Admins

What type of membership?

Is Buxeco Pay?

For now i can't see any payment proof as they still a new site. Wait and see, hope they keep their promise to pay instantly.

How to Join? Simply hit the banner below :

Friday, December 16, 2011

PTCBOX Review, New PTC from Matrixmails Admin

In the midst of sluggish ptc business condition, matrixmails admin release new ptc site called PTCBox. PTCBox try to exciting this click business. What the diference between ptcbox and the rest of ptc sites? See ptcbox review below.


PTCBox still a new ptc, but it takes nearly 2 years to developed it. What they offer? Here something you should know about ptcbox.

- owned by matrixmails owner that has been online for 10 years
- paying instantly, even still a new site but there are some payment proof out there.
- no referral limits, ofcourse it'll be good for people that good in promoting
- have a great forum, named getpaidreview a centralized forum for both matrixmails and ptcbox
- registerd company in United Kingdom under EU regulations with Registration No. 07687405 – PTC BOX UK LIMITED.
- have permanent fixed cashout that is $2 (and for upgraded member there is no limit)
- for upgrading, there is zero loss guarantee. PtcBox guarantees that you will make more than your investment the end of your membership period. If for any reason, your balance is lower than the investment fee, you will be refunded the difference to your PtcBox account.
- Customize you Upgrade - Another innovative feature which feels like a dream. Now you no longer have to take what is on offer. Do you want to personalize your upgrade? No problems. PtcBox offers you that.
So now you can customize your upgrade with features that are useful to you. So if you want to increase just the referral earnings and not your own personal clicks, then you can do it. Want to earn from 3-levels of referrals? You can customize that too. Combine with "zero loss guarantee", this feature is very very powerfull and you have no fear if you upgrade your account.

So, what are you waiting for, take action now to join with this greatest ptc program ever, click on banner below.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

InfinityBux 1st Payment Proof

Almost 3 months ago I wrote a review about infinitybux, one of buxhost ptc that considered as a reliable ptc by many gurus. Even infinitybux already entered in the legit ptc list in legit ptc-investigation. Previously, I never want to promote buxhost ptc sites, caused by a bad reputation of these sites. However, exceptions to infinitybux. And today I'm proving that indeed infinitybux really pay.

Today I reach the minimum PO of $4 so I ask for payments. And, as usual, i prefer to use paypal as payment processor, but unfortunately, their paypal still have a trouble an paypal payment disabled, so i only can request payment via AlertPay. Here is my first payment from infinitybux, instantly via alertpey.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Win Dispute Against Wizbux

Actually, wizbux used to become a new ptc favorite for me. even I've got 3 times a monthly upgrade. but unfortunately, I dispute my paypal transaction for the last upgrade because wizbux never online anymore since a few weeks ago.

As usual, if the site has got the limit from paypal, and have a lot of dispute from other members, we can win our dispute easily, even no need to provide evidence of anything more to the paypal. The following "happy" email notice from paypal regarding the dispute that the funds granted.

Hello Bambang Wibowo,

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

You have indicated that a partial refund of $18,00 USD would be
We were able to recover $18,00 USD and this amount has been credited to
you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to
recover the balance from the seller.