Saturday, December 17, 2011 Review, New PTC Evolution Script

Actually i've tired of being scammed by much ptc site recently, but the release of new ptc from matrixmails admin wake me up that there are some new ptc's worth it to follow. One of them was Here is a short review about

What they promise to members?

Earn $100 - $1000 monthly by Clicking ads and Signup for others sites. Refer or Buy referrals to maximize your earnings. Let's see, Why BuxE.Co?.

  • Decent Referral limits & Active Referral market
  • Guarnteed Earnings & Solid profit
  • Stable Business Model for longevity
  • $4.45 Fixed & Instant* cashout for members.
  • Upgrade opportunities for higher earnings

What they promise to advertisers?

Promote your product or business in the right way with a satisfaction guaranteed results for low prices. We are offering various type of ads such as PTC ads, PTSU.

  • Guarnteed results for Low prices.
  • Detailed ad statstics
  • Special Ad packages with discounts
  • Only Real Human visitors , No Bots
  • Custom Ad Packages for New PTC Admins

What type of membership?

Is Buxeco Pay?

For now i can't see any payment proof as they still a new site. Wait and see, hope they keep their promise to pay instantly.

How to Join? Simply hit the banner below :


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