Wednesday, May 25, 2011

InfinityBux 1st Payment Proof

Almost 3 months ago I wrote a review about infinitybux, one of buxhost ptc that considered as a reliable ptc by many gurus. Even infinitybux already entered in the legit ptc list in legit ptc-investigation. Previously, I never want to promote buxhost ptc sites, caused by a bad reputation of these sites. However, exceptions to infinitybux. And today I'm proving that indeed infinitybux really pay.

Today I reach the minimum PO of $4 so I ask for payments. And, as usual, i prefer to use paypal as payment processor, but unfortunately, their paypal still have a trouble an paypal payment disabled, so i only can request payment via AlertPay. Here is my first payment from infinitybux, instantly via alertpey.


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